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Crucial Freight News from Sunset:  UPDATED March 25

Crucial Freight News from Sunset: UPDATED March 25

Below are the most crucial updates impacting your freight amidst the COVID19 pandemic, updated as of 2:00p, Wednesday March 25.


  • Capacity remains tight, uncertain,and day-by-day.
    • Peak of panic buying might be behind us, slowly but surely. Freight is moving slightly easier across the country.
    • Grocery freight capacity has loosened, however supply is becoming less abundant.
    • Shippers are preparing every day for a different situation.
    • Consumer goods, including pet food shippers, are shifting production normally sourced from the West coast to the Midwest to keep up with demand. With the shortage of imports from China and longer supply lines/increased transit days, there is an imbalance of equipment available in other parts of the country.
    • United Autoworkers have just received permission from the Detroit Automotive Companies to shut down plant operations for at least two weeks. Most manufacturers will be closed at end of business Friday, March 20 for a minimum of two weeks.

  • The majority of Sunset’s regular LTL carriers are not performing inside deliveries, will practice “social distancing”, and drivers will not obtain signatures from consignees. Drivers will record the exact time, note any exceptions and obtain the name of the person who is accepting the freight. 

  • CLAIMING DAMAGES UPON RECEIVING:  Please make sure to immediately notify claims@sunsettrans.com if you see an OSD (Overage, Shortage, Damage) issue with your shipment to give Sunset a stronger argument when filing claims. We foresee an influx of claims due to LTL carriers not obtaining signatures for consignees. 

For Sunset COVID-19 FAQs and a listing of states and carriers impacted, click HERE.

We are updating state closures daily, but for the MOST up-to-date listings, visit The New York Times map.


  • The following states have relaxed regulations for commercial vehicles to support relief efforts: 
    • Missouri – relaxed Hours of Service (HOS), MODOT is allowing for heavier-than-normal truckloads of supplies and equipment, livestock and poultry. 
    • Kentucky – relaxed HOS restrictions and weigh station entries, waiving permit fees for overweight/over-dimensional vehicles. 
    • Nebraska – temporarily waived the length and weight requirements for trucks traveling in and through Nebraska. 

  • The entire West, Pacific NW, and Rocky Mountain regions are experiencing considerable winter weather, causing exacerbated delays for deliveries.   

  • Canada borders are closed to non-essential travel; freight and trade remain OPEN. 

  • Trade continues to flow normally across eight ports of entry in South Texas along the Texas-Mexico border. Laredo, TX is closed to all non-essential businesses but freight and trade are still moving.

  • Widening restrictions on air travel continues to affect the global freight market and capacity is constrained on many major trade lanes.

Sunset remains fully operational and working to keep customers in the know.  Please continue to communicate with your Account Managers and escalate issues to your branch Managing Director. 

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