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As a private, family-owned business, Sunset puts customers first — big or small. Sunset and its employees are here for the long term, committed to our roots with personalized, reliable service.

We are proud to uphold our 5 Promises with every customer, every day.


Find financial and operational cost reductions to maximize your supply chain spend.

Delivering customized supply chain cost reductions through:

  • Low-cost carrier routing and optimization
  • Truckload consolidation opportunities
  • Vendor compliance and management
  • Shipments-in-transit audit process
  • Carrier invoice audit and payment

Do you utilize the lowest-cost carrier for every shipment? Do you know your low-cost carrier compliance percentage?

Download an example case study on how our customer continues to see cost reductions in their vendor carrier compliance and find out how you can too!


Visibility through Technology

Integrate your systems to access crucial information needed to streamline your shipping practices.

Are you shipping blind?
Gain visibility through Sunset’s transportation software solutions:

  • Carrier pricing management; storing and providing access to rates and transit times for shipper ERP integration
  • TMS — FreightLOGIK — for inbound and outbound vendor routing
  • Freight audit & payment system — PayLOGIK — for all modes, including freight invoice and data management in a configurable customer dashboard
  • Business intelligence dashboard; for customer transportation data visibility and analysis.
  • API/EDI solutions for visibility to pricing, shipment tendering, shipments status and document imaging.

Within your ERP system, are you able to view multiple carrier rates and transit time without leaving your system?

Download Sunset’s SaaS case study detailing how a shipper managing over 8,500 LTL shipments per year has streamlined their carrier contracts using our RouteLOGIK dashboard and process.


Data-Driven Decisions

Convert your past and present shipping data into actionable metrics to make smarter decisions to grow your business.

Do you know your all-inclusive delivered product costs?
Make your data work for you through:

  • Business intelligence reporting; providing historic, current and predictive insights into business operations.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and savings tracking
  • Industry and customer benchmarking
  • Shipper and carrier report cards

How progressive is your transportation data collection? Are you utilizing that data to forecast supply chain decisions?

Access a sample logistics management report package to view our actionable user-friendly key performance indicators (KPIs).


Continuous Improvement

Join Sunset's culture of continuous improvement; apply nearly 30 years of best practices to make your supply chain more efficient.

Create repeatable success using industry and proprietary best practices:  

  • Develop and refine standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Carrier qualification and safety compliance
  • Industry regulation monitoring and consulting for proactive compliance
  • Continuous savings evaluation and implementation

Are you up-to-date with the regulatory issues facing your commodity transportation?

Download the white paper “4 logistics best practices to avoid food safety failure in transportation” to understand how Sunset keeps its customers on their toes when industry regulations change.

Relationships, not Transactions

Do business with a company whose customers are part of the family; built on transparency, partnerships, and above all, integrity.

Do you prefer to be a number or a name?
Partner with a family-owned, private company invested in your long-term success and profitable growth.

  • Culture of community, family and selective customer partnerships
  • Transportation experts vested in your success
  • Agility
  • Responsive communication

Learn more about Sunset’s founding principles and the attributes that make us the right size 3pl for our customers, carriers, and employees alike.