Having your own authority can result in expenses beyond what you were expecting. Not to mention the constant stress over cash flow.

Have you considered what you would gain (and not spend) through a partnership with Sunset?

Save over $250,000 annually by partnering with Sunset

Freight Brokerage Expense Brokerage Start-Up Costs Sunset Agent Model Costs
Contingent Cargo Insurance $3,000-10,000 annually No charge to you!
$75K Freight Broker Bond $1,500-5,600 annually +$2,000 initial deposit Sunset has $100,000 bond at no charge to you!
Posting Services (ITS, DAT, Sylectus, Post Everywhere) $6,000+ annually depending on number of services $0 and Sunset has been grandfathered into Sylectus– you would not be able to get access to this on your own.
TMS Software $100,000+ annually, and up front implementation costs, maintenance No cost to you, and we continually invest in our system (McLeod Software).
Operating Authority Having a high MC# will affect your ability to serve carriers. Low MC# which makes carriers want to work with us
Accounting Staff (Billing, Payables, Credit) $40,000+ annually We have an entire Accounting Team dedicated for you!
Marketing Materials, Business Cards, Company Website $8,000+ annually Sunset has the materials you need, and can create custom designs upon request at no charge to you.
Claims Management Staff If not done properly, this can be very expensive and time-consuming. Sunset has an experienced claims team to handle any situations.
Carrier Onboarding System & Safety Department Personnel $30,000 annually for CargoNet & RMIS plus cost of experienced Safety Department staff Sunset uses the best carrier onboarding software (RMIS) and have a department dedicated to safety at NO cost to you.
Credit $500/month – you are monitoring your customers’ credit scores, right? Handled by our credit staff.
Carrier Procurement & Pricing Staff $40,000 + annually Sunset has a department that can assist in carrier procurement and pricing projects.
TOTALS $250,000+ Annually $0

How big do you want to be?

Sunset gives you more than just run-of-the-mill support. Focus on what you do best and grow your business with our established resources and best practices.

Want more time to do what you enjoy?  Who doesn’t?  Our processes have been in place for over 27 years, so we know how to run a business smoothly and efficiently. We understand and value the commitment that you have made as a freight brokerage owner and hold ourselves to these high standards too.

We are willing to work with you and your freight brokerage business to develop a competitive commission structure and plan that works for you. Instead of forcing you to sell your business to us, we partner with your company to ensure success!

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