UPDATE:  Factoring companies may now check payment status via Freight•LOGIK!

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At Sunset, our carrier network has remained an important extension of our business since 1989.

We value our freight carrier partners and factoring companies by providing industry leading payment terms (21-28 days!) and even faster quick payment programs.  Drive for a 3PL who supports their carriers with user-friendly tools and access to your loads, history and account information.

To demonstrate our dedication to our carrier network, we offer the following services to you:

Next Day Pay

  • Payable by ACH next day upon receipt of legible freight carrier invoice and proof of delivery
  • 5% discount deducted from gross rate to truck
  • Email Payables@SunsetTrans.com to request next day pay
  • Payable by check 48 hours from receipt of paper work
  • 3% discount deducted from gross rate

Note: Scanned or Faxed paperwork (invoice, rate confirmation and proof of delivery) are acceptable as long as legible and original follows in the mail.

Quick Pay

Service Standards

Accounts Payable Information

Please look at the “Bill To:” section on your Bill of Lading.

If it says: “Bill To: Sunset Transportation, 11325 Concord Village Ave., St. Louis, MO 63123,” then you need to log into FreightLOGIK.

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If it says: “Bill To: [Company Name] C/O Sunset Financial P.O. Box 270509 St. Louis, MO 63127,” then you need to log into PayLOGIK.

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