Case Study: Improving Visibility with Sunset and Tacony Corporation

Sunset has been featured in a case study written by Inbound Logistics, sharing continuous improvement in our collaboration with logistics management customer, Tacony Corporation. Tacony is a Missouri-based manufacturer and wholesale distributor of a diverse range of products, including sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, and commercial floor care products. With a need for greater visibility and automation, Tacony entered into a partnership with Sunset in 2018.

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Through the collaborative partnership, Tacony has been able to cut costs, streamline operations, and boost customer service levels.

Sunset has helped us be better at freight management . . . We’re able to leverage Sunset’s knowledge and ensure we’re staying compliant, as well as taking advantage of anything we may have missed in the past,” said Nick Hinman, Director of Supply Chain and Business Operations at Tacony Corporation.

Featuring Sunset’s Sarah Eggleston and Jill Gross, alongside Tacony’s Nick Hinman. To learn more, read the full Inbound Logistics Case Study.

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