Cross-Border & Customs

March 2023 US/MX Cross-Border Update

As we move into Q2 of 2023, the market is still experiencing an excess in demand. Signs of shifting capacity in the truckload market have been evident for about a year. Nearshoring continues to be the headline in Mexico.  Industrial parks are being utilized at maximum capacity and more construction projects are on the horizon. This is a direct result of companies looking for a more diversified and resilient global supply chain. The growth in manufacturing impacts cross-border trucking in Mexico. Both transload and direct trailers volumes are increasing.

February 2023 US/MX Cross-Border Update

We continue to see more companies moving production from China to Mexico. This increase in demand is reflected in the DAT load-to-truck ratio for Laredo Northbound which currently sits at 3:1. Many carriers in Mexico are allocating capacity to shippers with the best driver experience to retain drivers and get the highest yield possible at the current market pricing. Central and southern Mexico, namely the Zacatecas state and the states on the Pacific coast, continue to be areas with low availability of capacity.