Freight Insight for Week of May 18

Thanks for tuning in to Sunset’s weekly market outlook column. As we keep our eyes on the road ahead, our Managing Directors are sharing insight from the team’s regular internal market calls.

Trends and discussions range from seasonal manufacturing and agriculture trends that affect available capacity to general insight into outside factors affecting freight volumes.

Below is a summary of the May 20 call:


  • The U.S. is starting to open up businesses. This means a lot of uncertainty and change of routines to accommodate for social distancing.
  • Automotive manufacturers are coming back into the fold, signaling a return to pre-COVID output levels.
  • Volumes are now being moved to week of May 25 to avoid holiday shuffling.
  • Border drayman at US/MX border are seeing consistent TL volumes after a small drop the week prior.


  • Capacity is tightening due to Memorial Day holiday; West coast capacity specifically.


  • Grand Haven: Doug Bryant
  • Green Bay: Rick Kerr
  • Laredo: Jose Minarro
  • Nashville, TN: Jonathan Falcon
  • St. Louis, MO: Justin Danks
  • St. Paul, MN: Mike Morris
  • Wilson, NC: Mary McCallister