Shippers Take Note: ELD Implementation Deadline is April 1, 2018

Shippers should take note of the likely crunch in truck capacity when the ELD mandate enters its final deadline for compliance April 1, 2018.

Quick Facts

Beginning April 1, 2018, any driver who is not ELD-compliant will face the following when caught by law enforcement:

  1. Placed out of service (OOS) for 10 hours
  2. If caught a second time will be subject to further enforcement action, including assessed points on their CSA record

Drivers will be put out of service for 10 hours every time they get caught, i.e. a driver could be back on the road for an hour, get caught a second time, and immediately have another 10 hours out of service, at minimum.

Sunset stresses the importance of understanding this ELD mandate and its effects on current truck capacity.  There will likely be fewer available trucks at higher costs for the foreseeable future, as a result. Expedited shipment rates are especially susceptible to these impacts.

While the mandate is causing a shakeup in the carrier world, Sunset sees the opportunity for improved safety, an increasingly level playing field for drivers — a more cohesive relationship between carriers and shippers will emerge in a positive way. Our customer teams are working closely with the Carrier Relations group to provide early scheduling options and securing available trucks. 

Take this opportunity to prepare ahead of the crunch likely to occur in April (and possibly beyond) through communication, shoring up dock efficiencies and issues, and strategizing with Sunset to mitigate JIT and expedited shipment costs.

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