ELD Mandate Now in Effect!

December 18th has finally arrived, and the much-anticipated ELD mandate is now in effect.

Sunset is confident that while the early challenges of ELD implementation will be present for several months, the opportunity for improved safety, an increasingly level playing field for drivers, and a more cohesive relationship between carriers and shippers will emerge in a positive way.

Shippers should be already be actively preparing and adapting to the ELD mandate.  The change in how drivers track their Hours of Service (HOS) directly correlates to how well your docks are managed, and how easily you work with inbound and outbound carriers.  Sunset is advising the following best practices:

  • Focus on Dock Efficiency: being flexible and efficient in your loading and unloading times will make your freight attractive, and encourage repeat carriers.
  • Parking: consider adjusting your current facilities policy for drivers.  Allowing carriers to park onsite during mandated breaks will allow them to adjust to your schedule, helping to make you an attractive shipper partner.
  • Lane Management:  450-600 mile shipments will see the biggest increase in cost and service time.  What was previously a one (1) day shipment may now take two (2) days.  Plan ahead and specifically analyze these lanes that could have the most effect on your supply chain.
  • Communication & Transparency: be open with your Sunset team regarding your shipping schedule.  Sharing details regarding your supply chain only helps us plan and beat competitors to available trucks.
  • Inventory Levels: look at your inventory levels closely – especially JIT customers.  Expedited shipment costs will only increase.

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