Fraud Protection at Sunset

Attention shippers and carriers: fraud is at an all-time high. Transportation industry insiders have seen historic levels of fraud beginning in Q4 2022 and continued into the new year.

According to RMIS and other industry sources, most of it is caused by carrier contact impersonation. Sunset employees have been trained to mitigate this issue, and additional due diligence processes have been implemented to assure the validity of carrier contacts prior to booking loads.

  • Vet contact information against FMCSA/DOT information.
    • Does the contact information provided by the person you are speaking to match the information on Carrier 411 or Highway? If not, contact the owner listed.
  • Cross-reference contacts with other sources or prior contacts from the carrier’s contact history. 
    • If they are not already listed, why?  Are they new? 
    • Does their email address align with other contacts listed? Does their domain match their company name?
  • Check references before working with new carriers.
    • If a carrier does not want to provide references, consider why and be mindful of red flags.

RMIS and Truckstop have also implemented enhancements to their processes this year to help verify these details, as well:

  • Effective January 4, 2023, carriers are now required to authenticate with their unique RMIS ID and zip code to make changes to their phone number or e-mail during registration.
  • If they are unable to authenticate, they cannot make these changes. This provides an added security measure for both RMIS brokers and carriers.

Upcoming enhancements:
To strengthen account security, RMIS is enhancing the carrier login process to include two-step verification. In addition to the RMIS Carrier ID and zip code, a security code must be entered to continue.  The code will be sent to the corporate email to verify ownership of the account.  This two-step login process will take effect soon.

FOR CARRIERS ONLY – changes to the login process with RMIS:

  • When carriers log into their client carrier portal, or make a contact update during registration, they must now enter the security code that is delivered to their corporate email to verify their identity.
  • RMIS will be adding new fraud alert notifications:
    • These alerts will immediately notify a customer when a carrier is blocked during the registration process due to their IP or contact information being listed on the global fraud list.
    • This automated alert will provide an immediate notification, so you can make informed decisions with the option to override the carrier block. 

Sunset is continuing to work diligently to mitigate these risks and increase fraud awareness. Please speak to your Sunset rep if you have any questions or concerns.