Freight Insight for Week of June 1

Thanks for tuning in to Sunset’s weekly market outlook column.

Trends and discussions range from seasonal manufacturing and agriculture trends that affect available capacity to general insight into outside factors affecting freight volumes.

Below is a summary of the June 3 call:


  • Freight volumes are generally tapering off the first week of June; inventories and orders are lower in many industries across the U.S.
  • Still feeling supply effects of COVID-19 and current racial tensions affecting interstate shutdowns.
  • Now is the time for businesses to capitalize on cost savings and securing capacity during the COVID-19 downturn.
  • The U.S. and Mexico are looking towards July for widespread opening of businesses instead of earlier phases as expected.
  • TL capacity has been challenging for day-of transits. Lead time for pickups and deliveries is preferred, as markets are fluid and changing daily.
  • Flexibility is key.


  • Grand Haven: Doug Bryant
  • Green Bay: Rick Kerr
  • Laredo: Jose Minarro
  • Nashville, TN: Jonathan Falcon
  • St. Louis, MO: Justin Danks
  • St. Paul, MN: Mike Morris
  • Wilson, NC: Mary McCallister