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Don’t overlook a crucial component of construction project management – the time and execution required between materials assembly and jobsite delivery.

Not only is Sunset experienced in load engineering and configuration, we support as an extension of your team during the bidding, planning, and on-site scheduling phases. Ensure your transportation is arranged within budget and your skilled labor force isn’t wasting time waiting on material deliveries. 

Sunset provides a full
suite of services

Catered especially towards our niche in commercial construction.


Materials planning, project management, jobsite delivery and unloading coordination.

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Access to bonded capacity in both contract and spot options.

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Dedicated logistics advisor and support team to provide utmost visibility.

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Flatbed Truck

All flatbed and TL equipment types; standard, drops, stretches, conestogas, expedite hotshots and lowboys.

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Key construction industries served: aluminum, fabrication, energy and utilities, government, machinery, piping, steel, scrap, and turbines.

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Take their word for it.

“I did a run for Sunset with Sethi International Trans, and I was extremely impressed with them. Sunset called me every three hours to check on my progress and offered their help if I ran into any issues. Thank you Sunset.”

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