Are you proactively managing your consumer product supply chain?

New products, shorter life cycles, efficient manufacturing, fast-paced consumer trends, and international competition have made adaptability a necessary strategy when fulfilling the supply chain needs of a high-functioning consumer product company.

Sunset has spent the better part of the past three decades continuously improving to meet these needs right alongside our customers, who specialize in wholesale distribution to major retailers (grocery, drug, and big box stores), transporting both private label and brand name products.

These everyday products are anything but “generic” to us — Sunset goes the extra mile to offer:

Inventory management and planning solutions

Routing optimization & consultation

Negotiated, account-specific pricing and contract maintenance

In-house Claims assistance

Premier carrier screening and safety monitoring

ERP/SAP and EDI system integration

24/7 real-time, on-demand tracking

Create a strategic 3PL partnership with Sunset. You provide the goods; we’ll provide the visibility, efficiency, and above all, unfailing service when handling the consumer products we each depend on.

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