Do you work with a 3PL who can maximize the logistics of your industrial material shipments?

Industrial materials are the backbone of every structure and business across the globe.  They range greatly in definition — raw materials, manufactured or pre-fab structures, and finishing chemicals to name a few — each creating challenges that must be met with specific, multi-modal solutions.

Sunset’s logistics experts know that half the battle is creating repeatable supply chain processes for your commodities (from steel to sealant, from corrosives to cement).  The first step is to ask the right questions:

  • Are there multiple picks and drops?
  • Can we consolidate partial freight and optimize routing?
  • Are there multiple BOLs on one load?
  • Does your company offer same-day ordering?
  • Is your transportation limited by mode?
  • What, if any, hazardous material handling is required?

Consult with Sunset to create account-specific answers, efficiencies and SOPs for the material niches you serve.

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