Between the farm gates and consumer plates lies a wide variety of wholesale food businesses, each requiring specialized attention, regulatory adherence, and sanitation standards.  Compliance surrounding food safety is ever-changing and now is the time to ensure your consumables are in expert hands during transit.

Sunset’s knowledge of food transportation spans a diverse range of frozen and fresh food and beverage products –– from parmesan to peanuts, bottled water to baked beans, and salsa to sugar.  Our focus on high service truckload shipments to wholesale distribution centers, packagers and retail stores is carefully executed with the utmost quality assurance and integrity.

  • Just-in-time and expedited delivery available
  • On-demand tracking and tracing with national delivery coverage
  • EDI/API integration
  • Inventory management and business intelligence reporting ­
  • Optimal carrier selection and rating
  • Safety and carrier compliance

Shipper Resource:  Read more HERE to learn how shippers can better prepare and adhere to the FDA’s Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food ruling, effective beginning in April 2017.

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