Extended COVID lockdown creating delays through Vietnam for foreseeable future

Via Reuters:
Vietnam’s extended lockdown, now extended through August 22, has caused significant delays for international trade in and out of Ho Chi Minh City port.

After successfully containing the virus for much of the pandemic, Vietnam has been facing a complicated outbreak of the virus, with southern business hub Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces accounting for most new infections.

The number of services permitted to operate during the lockdown in Ho Chi Minh City have been reduced significantly, including a stay-home order, a ban on gatherings larger than two people and the suspension of public transport services. Banking and securities services in Ho Chi Minh City will be reduced to minimal levels, while unnecessary construction projects will be suspended, the ministry said in a statement. A week-long disinfection spray in high-risk COVID-19 areas also has started.

What does this mean for Sunset customers?

The extended lockdown has caused customer vendors to cease production of necessary cargo to fulfill their customers’ purchase orders. Freight has been loaded on ocean containers already that were possibly bound for Ho Chi Minh will not be calling on the city’s port because port operations have ceased.

The effects of this shutdown are expected to be felt for several months ahead. Freight in and out of Vietnam is experiencing immense delays, re-routing of product should be evaluated, and shippers should expect significant upheaval in their regularly scheduled timing. Contact [email protected] to find solutions if Vietnam is a regular port for your business.

Additional source: The Saigon Times – Hanoi to extend stay at home mandate 15 more days

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