Jose Minarro talks US/MX cross-border challenges from World Trade Bridge in Laredo.

In preparation for Q4, Sunset’s Managing Director in Laredo, TX shares an outlook on Northbound and Southbound capacity as COVID continues to make freight waves.

Has your US/MX freight been impacted by these issues?

Sunset’s cross-border experts will be discussing this topic and more during the SCOPE Virtual Supply Chain Summit on November 9. Director of National Sales & Product Development for US/MX, Sarah Eggleston, and Managing Director for Laredo, TX/Nuevo Laredo, MX, Jose Minarro, are excited to discuss the challenges COVID-19 is causing to the Northbound vs Southbound freight imbalance currently happening.

With nearshoring options taking center stage within international trade, Sarah and Jose will have a dialog about

  • tracking and visibility on both sides of the border,
  • securing reliable capacity while weathering the ongoing capacity crunch,
  • how acquiring a 3PL partner can help navigate these fast-moving freight market trends.

If you’d like to join the conference, or if you’re interested in hearing more, email [email protected] to inquire.


For our Mexico audience, be sure to register to hear Jose Minarro speak on these trends and the “Tormenta perfecta en el transporte transfronterizo”, or “The perfect storm in cross-border transportation. To register, email [email protected]