Kacey Schaeffer joins the 2023 FreightWaves Sales & Marketing Summit

Sunset’s Director of Marketing, Kacey Schaeffer, joined Mary O’Connell for the FreightWaves Sales & Marketing Summit to share her experience building a marketing program in the mid-market space.

When I started [at Sunset], we needed a focused Marketing program. We were getting big enough where it needed to be a priority for the organization, and they let me have free reign. I really focused on brand awareness first. The 3PL market is saturated, so we wanted to differentiate ourselves as a brand first and work on the awareness piece of it. If you don’t have a sense of culture or a strong leg to stand on, it’s really hard to stand out,” says Schaeffer.

Check out the full fireside chat with Kacey Schaeffer below.

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