Mining Freight Payment Data Insights with Sunset Transportation

Published on September 24, 2020, Sunset weighed in on the importance of a shipper’s freight data in managing your logistics program in the latest issue of Inbound Logistics. Like all sectors of the economy, freight bill audit and payment programs continue to evolve amidst technological advances, COVID-19, and mounting pressure to perform while reining in expenses for shippers of all sizes.

This collaborative case study features Sunset CFO Mark Cammarata and Controller Susan Vogler-Wesp. They both reiterate that a flexible, comprehensive program is crucial to success.

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When Sunset begins to work with a new client, it follows a comprehensive, yet customizable implementation guide. “Our process is very flexible and tailored to the specific needs of each customer,” says Vogler-Wesp.


Sunset’s model to achieving transportation savings differs a bit from the industry’s, Cammarata says. Many companies tend to quote between 2-5% potential savings, with the provider sometimes paid a portion of savings they identify. “Under that model, however, the provider actually benefits when billing errors continue to be made,” he says.

While Sunset also identifies mistakes, it then works with the carrier to rectify them so future billings are correct. “This brings efficiency and confidence to the table and improves the relationships of all parties.”

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