Paul Cullmann talks construction project-based logistics in March #SunsetSays

One of Sunset’s project-based construction experts, National Sales Rep Paul Cullmann, provides a brief update on the trends facing construction logistics this spring.

Video summary:
Sunset saw many large projects sidelined in 2020 that are now getting ready to start, as well as the boom we’re seeing in warehouse and distribution facility development fueled by e-commerce AND the gaps in supply chain that were exposed during the height of the pandemic.  Add in potential infrastructure investment, public utility projects, and data center construction — they all point to a sharp rebound from 2020. 

Not only is Sunset a nationally certified minority provider as a WBE, we have a long history working with general contractors in the construction industry.  Sunset is able to augment project teams and manage transportation for even the most complicated jobsite projects.  From securing the right trucks and equipment, to scheduling coordination and load sequencing, we ensure transportation is safe, timely and seamless.  

Sunset has experience coordinating projects in steel and aluminum, construction/fabrication, heavy equipment, machinery, energy, pipes, utilities, government work, and scrap – you name it, we have done it.  Our carrier network includes standard 48/53’ FB, Single Drops, Double Drops, Low Boys, Conestoga, Single/Double Stretches, Specialized Equipment, and Team Drivers. 

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From NHL & MLS stadiums to arranging supersized loads to build the pedestrian bridge over Lake Shore Drive, Sunset will partner with you to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.  Contact [email protected] to discuss your construction needs.

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