Sarah Eggleston talks managing parcel delays in January #SunsetSays

Sunset’s Director of Sales & Sales Operations, Sarah Eggleston, discusses parcel shipment delays and offers ways to prepare for a saturated freight market as we begin 2021.


  • Due to the implications of COVID-19, 2020 saw a record-breaking year in terms of volume. Coupled with the fact that a lot of passenger aircrafts are grounded, the parcel network is already at a 20-25% reduced capacity.
  • With vaccine distribution ramping up, experts are seeing capacity issues in the parcel industry. For shippers, this means possible delays and capacity issues through 2021 as more vaccines get approved and sent out for distribution.
  • Shippers can prepare themselves now by talking with their parcel providers; review volume commitments in your contracts, look into brick and mortar pick-ups, explore regional carriers’ capacity, and the possibilities for mode-shifting and consolidation to avoid an already congested parcel network.

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