Shanghai Pudong International Airport flight suspension due to positive COVID cases

Via JAS:

After two (2) cases of COVID-19 were detected among personnel at Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Co Ltd (PACTL), international cargo flights have been temporarily suspended. The first case was detected in one of the two terminal handlers at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). The second case was detected in a member of the airlines stationed maintenance staff. More than 300 close contacts who work at the terminal have been requested to stop work immediately and go for PCR testing and centralized quarantine.

According to the notice from the airport, all international cargo and passenger cargo departure operations will be suspended beginning this afternoon (August 20, 2021). The length of this suspension is still unknown. The unloading of incoming cargo flights will be delayed as well.  

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) East China Bureau and airport authorities are holding a joint meeting on this emergency. Following the meeting an official announcement is expected. Delays are expected while flight schedules are being rearranged.

The main airlines operating at PACTL include: QR, TK, RU, NZ, AA, ET, LH, QF, EY, PO, CA and CX.

PVG’s other terminal, China Eastern Airline (CEAIR), is still operational although at reduced capacity. It affects the flight operation dramatically and more than half of the flights were put on hold today.

Flights with ground handler PACTL & SIAS:
For which has departed from origin, the inbound tarmac and terminal handling will be delayed. For any flights not yet departed from origin, request stop and cancellation as no service will be provided.

Terminal operation:
PACTL restricted cargo handling to selective flights/airlines and banned to accept new cargo of the rest.

Other impacts:
The airline staff who’s directly in touch with international inbound goods/personnel will also apply a 7+7+7 quarantine roster; work 7 days, quarantine for 7 days, and then rest for 7 days, likely resulting in further limits on carriers’ ability to serve demand.

What does this mean for Sunset customers?

The positive COVID cases at Shanghai Pudong Airport and resulting shutdown measures enforced by local government will impact other locations besides Shanghai throughout China, as well as cargo moving through Shanghai originating from/destined to other countries in APAC. In addition to the short-term impacts, we will see significant backlogs next week for both import and export cargo. Of course, rate levels will increase as well in response to the capacity/demand imbalance.

Sunset customers should reach out to their account manager to gauge direct impact of any air shipments we currently have booked. Contact [email protected] to find solutions and ask questions.

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