Special edition: #SunsetSays talks carrier selection

In conjunction with the May 17-19, 2022 International Roadcheck week, Director of Corporate Support John Sutton talks carrier selection and dishes on a key ingredient in Sunset’s “secret sauce” — safety. What does Sunset do to ensure we work with only the highest quality of carriers?

Sunset’s Corporate Support team manages contracts with partner carriers and regulates the criteria a carrier must meet to handle shipments for Sunset and our customers. Using information made available by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Sunset effectively screens carriers and looks for data points that identify the carrier to be a good potential hauler. The three (3) primary areas Sunset evaluates:

  • How long the carrier has been in business
  • Safety rating
  • Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) scores

Additionally, Sunset works with carrier partners and assists them with corrective action planning in the instance they receive an infraction on their safety scores. Safe fleets tend to have great attitudes towards their equipment and maintenance, and reliable equipment means more reliable drivers.

Carrier Alert:

The 2022 International Roadcheck will take place May 17-19.

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