Steve Pandolfo speaks on $70B holiday e-commerce returns and implications for the transportation industry

Sunset’s Director of LTL Pricing and Procurement, Steve Pandolfo, spoke with the St. Louis Business Journal on the record-breaking $70.5 billion holiday e-commerce returns and what this means for the transportation industry. The e-commerce surge can be largely attributed to the rise in online sales due to COVID-19.



The industry is specifically in need of labor. The transportation sector has long had a driver shortage, a new projections say that the industry could be short 160,000 drivers by 2028. The issue will continue to place stress on the systems ability to deliver products on time.

“If you were used to a truck carrier posting a 95% on-time percentage, that’s not going to be the case anymore,” says Pandolfo.

Pandolfo continues, “A shorthanded trucking industry overloaded by e-commerce demand could have ripple effects throughout other industries, like the nation’s manufacturing supply chain. It could also bring more
attention to the sector’s failure to rapidly adopt new innovations
that could help the issue… What I think 2021 is going to show us is how big of a deal visibility tech is.

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