Jim Williams Featured in Smart Business Magazine

In an economy where layoffs, consolidations and cutbacks are the norm, James Williams’ leadership at Sunset Transportation is having drastically different results: expansion, creating jobs, new business — even outgrowing the company’s headquarters.

Even more impressive is where Sunset does business. It’s not in a trendy niche market with double-digit growth throughout the industry. It’s in transportation, an industry that is heavily influenced by fuel prices and economic recession.

The company’s impressive growth has been spurred by Williams’ ability to foresee trends and business opportunities, appreciate the viewpoints of business partners and to hire good people. As a result, he is adept at choosing the right business opportunities, fostering good relationships with providers and finding roles for everyone in the organization that allow them to maximize their talents and skills. Williams motivates his team members to exceed their job descriptions, trusting them to perform.

Williams founded Sunset Transportation in 1989, intending to run a small consulting company out of his home. He didn’t take a salary for the first nine months, determined to build a financially sound company.

Within a few years, his commitment led to customers requesting more services from Sunset, and Williams began to grow the company. Sunset has transitioned from primarily consumer product transportation to focusing on specialty transportation services. The company has invested heavily in innovation and technology to bring greater savings and efficiency to clients. As a result, key clients use the majority of the company’s business services, which include domestic and international transportation logistics, freight audit and payment, and supply chain solutions. The company has also developed its own customer-focused technology solutions: the FreightLOGIK transportation management system and the PayLOGIK custom freight payment application.

In February 2011, the company outgrew its headquarters and purchased a new 10,000-square-foot headquarters building to accommodate the growing staff.

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