Sunset comments on the shift of remote employees becoming more efficient in logistics

From Transport Topics, featuring Sunset Vice President of Strategic Account Management, Mick McGrory.

In a joint interview with Sunset partner, Descartes, Mick McGrory, Sunset vice president of strategic account management recently discussed how advanced tools are making the most of collaboration among a new normal of remote employees.

Approximately 50% of Sunset’s national employees are working remotely. We see this continuing well into 2021 and using available technology to its fullest extent has been paramount to our success. Making our resources work smarter has been a large part of Sunset’s ability to keep business operating on a “semi-normal” basis has been due in part to the more efficient use of our TMS and freight dispatch tools.

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When COVID hit, [we realized] we have this wonderful tool and we’re going to start using it to produce the return [on investment] we hoped it would have,” McGrory said.

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