Sunset + Descartes Case Study Showcases Freight Technology Maximization

Curious about the inner workings of Sunset’s technology and service? Through our longtime collaboration with Descartes and their MacroPoint tool, Sunset has been able to accomplish a multitude of improvements to visibility and execution for OTR modes.

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View the full case study HERE.


The solution’s AI-driven capacity matching tool also automatically matches open customer loads with available forward-looking capacity in Sunset’s existing carrier network to help Sunset increase productivity, build stronger carrier relationships, and protect margins in competitive lanes. With visibility to capacity two to five days out, Sunset relies heavily on the Descartes solution for longer-term projects, bids, and loads with 48+ hours’ notice.

Results can be summarized through the following four improvements:

Elevated Customer Experience

  • In response to customer demands for more frequent status updates, Sunset now updates customers every 15 minutes instead of every four to eight hours by using Descartes MacroPoint to send automated departure, pre-arrival, and arrival notifications.

Reduced Costs

  • Using location data and geofencing, Sunset has a system of record of arrivals and departures to help monitor wait times, minimize detention charges, and reduce customer penalties. Automated alerts minimize labor costs, reducing check calls by 60%.

Increased Productivity

  • With the Descartes solution, Sunset covers more profitable loads faster. Leveraging AI-driven freight capacity matching and an expanded pool of carriers through the capacity co-op, the 3PL increased volumes from 200 to 670 loads per month.

Stronger Carrier Relationships

  • With Descartes MacroPoint, 3PL Sunset Transportation enhanced load visibility and expanded load capacity using advanced carrier sourcing, capacity matching capabilities, and the capacity co-op to cover more loads per day and activate 4,500 carriers on its trusted network.

Read the full case study HERE.

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