Sunset partners with Highway to streamline sustainability compliance

As the winds of transportation continue to shift, sustainability and clean air initiatives have become staples of preliminary conversations between shippers and their prospective transportation providers. Now, shippers are laying out what compliance toward their sustainability goals looks like with the transportation provider as an extension of them.

Sunset understands the importance of ensuring our carrier partners comply with each shipper’s sustainability goals. By partnering with Highway, a leading provider of carrier identity management solutions, Sunset has the ability to address this challenge and streamline the compliance process to better serve our customers.

We’ve had challenges in the past with previous carrier identity providers in this area. Highway has proven to be successful by providing Sunset with real-time, accurate visibility for certifications and carrier identity,” says Lindsey Graves, President & CEO of Sunset Transportation.

The partnership between Sunset and Highway has yielded significant results, streamlining the sustainability compliance process and enhancing overall operational efficiency in the following areas:

  • Reliable compliance assurance
  • Time and resource savings
  • Mitigated risk and enhanced client satisfaction

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