Sunset partners with WeatherOptics for improved visibility and carrier safety

Sunset Transportation is proud to partner with WeatherOptics, a leading weather intelligence platform, to improve disruption visibility and carrier safety.

Sunset’s partnership with WeatherOptics will support the development of a more proactive weather risk approach, better managing loads and shipments that may be at risk of weather impact.

In order to get in front of potential weather-related delays, you need to know the route, ETA, and any weather systems that may be overlapping with the driver’s based on where they stand at a certain time during the trip. The even bigger challenge is finding a way to do that systematically as compared to manually evaluating that information for every shipment. WeatherOptics has found a way to do just that,” said John Sutton, Sunset’s Director of Corporate Support.

WeatherOptics translates weather data into actionable insight using predictive weather modeling and unique non-weather data sources such as telematics data, topography, and granular information about road networks and conditions. The insights are delivered as a simple risk score and delay time that allows for understanding how upcoming weather will affect key operations.

Learn more about this partnership and how it has streamlined operational efficiency here.

About WeatherOptics
WeatherOptics is a leader in the weather intelligence space, providing companies with insights and forecasts that eliminate guesswork and improve visibility of key business operations. WeatherOptics helps some of the world’s largest businesses navigate safely and efficiently in spite of the weather with actionable insights built for exception management. To learn more about WeatherOptics, visit