Sunset Transportation Organizes Logistics for Boy Scouts, St. Louis Food Bank in Largest One-Day Food Drive in America

Company Transported 55 Truckloads, 2.1 Million Canned Goods for “Scouting for Food”

As 30,000 Boy Scouts and volunteers collected canned goods in neighborhoods throughout the St. Louis Metro area on Nov. 20, 2010, a whirlwind of action was also happening behind the scenes. Sunset Transportation, a St. Louis-based third party logistics company, organized and managed a volunteer fleet of 55 tractor trailer trucks for “Scouting for Food,” the country’s largest one day food drive.

Once the Boy Scouts collected the bags of canned goods from area homes and delivered those bags to 46 local fire stations, then the food is sorted and placed into boxes before it is stacked on pallets.

Over 2.1 million pounds was collected this year.  If the cans were stacked end to end, they would be 28 times taller than Mount Everest.

Sunset Transportation organizes 55 tractor trailers to pick up the 2.1 million pounds of food and transport it to the St. Louis Food Bank. The donated food will then be distributed throughout St. Louis and is expected to feed the hungry for four months.

Sunset Transportation began handling logistics for “Scouting for Food” seven years ago when the U.S. Army was deployed to Iraq and could no longer provide transportation and logistics support for the Boy Scouts. When Sunset first began managing logistics, it took two days to completely unload all the equipment. Now the process has been streamlined to take 9 hours.

“Scouting for Food” By the Numbers

  • Trucks involved: 55 tractor trailers by 16 different carriers
  • Boy Scouts involved: 30,000
  • Pounds of food collected: 2.1 million
  • Number of fire stations: 46
  • Time it took to transport food: 9 hours

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