The Keys to Rapid Growth with Lindsey Graves

Featured in McLeod Software’s December issue of The Dispatch magazine, Sunset’s CEO Lindsey Graves weighed in on the guiding forces behind Sunset’s rapid growth over the past 15 years. Investing in culture, people, and technology has allowed Sunset to boost annual revenue from $17 million to $190 million.

LindseyGraves McLeod quote


Sunset’s company culture has been the guiding force that has funneled everyone’s energy in the right directions. Staying true to our core values has ensured that we have worked as a team toward our common goals. We also would never have been able to manage this rapid growth without the right investments in people and technology. Put the right tools in the hands of talented people, and you gain the ability to accomplish so much more than you ever could before.

Read the full December issue of The Dispatch HERE.

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