via FreightWaves: Risk knows no bounds when it comes to cross-border shipping

Sunset’s Managing Director, Jose Minarro, spoke to FreightWaves alongside Mark Vickers from insurance provider Reliance Partners, about the risks associated with cross-border shipping, the importance of carrier vetting and why Mexican cargo insurance is essential.

The difference in freight practices between the U.S. and Mexico is apparent, with carrier liability in Mexico being nearly nonexistent. Carriers have liability coverage for their trucks, but not for the cargo they’re carrying. Shippers are at risk for any damages that may occur, as carriers aren’t required to provide coverage for shipments.

To mitigate these risks, Sunset is transparent with customers before a load even crosses the border, ensuring that they’re aware of the risks associated and properly protected from its liabilities. Additionally, Sunset utilizes tracking technology throughout the entire shipment from point of origin to final destination to provide full visibility.

Sunset partners with the best insurance providers for both transportation and customs insurance to protect our customers in and out of Mexico. We strongly recommend insuring high-value or high-risk shipments for our customers, in addition to the regular cargo insurance offered. Please contact our cross-border team to discuss at [email protected].

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Picture: Jim Allen, FreightWaves

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