via Inbound Logistics: Sunset brings visibility to customers through LOGIK platform

Sunset was recently interviewed for the 3PLs Add Value” feature article in the latest edition of Inbound Logistics, with Tracy Meetre, vice president of marketing and sales, weighing in on what makes us unique in a competitive 2020 logistics marketplace.

Sunset emphasizes shipper visibility as a hallmark of our 3PL service; a common thread among successful logistics partners discussed within the full article.

Tracy Meetre


While Sunset traces its roots to the 1800s, it has always focused on driving shipper innovation, as shown in its LOGIK platform. A proprietary, web-based portal, LOGIK offers shippers unprecedented visibility to both their domestic and international shipments, across all stages of the freight lifecycle, including shipment history, in-transit tracking and shipment status, and freight audit and payment analytics.

By providing on-demand visibility to all domestic and international modes, even before pickup, shippers can address non-compliance and overspend before they occur. Historically, shippers often had to wait several weeks after a shipment concluded before they could access post-shipment analysis and reporting.

We wanted to get ahead of common issues by creating a dashboard that’s dynamic, actionable, and cutting-edge,” said Meetre.

Read the full digital issue from November 2019.